My name is Matthew Ahmon, and I am a high school junior at Horace Mann School in the Bronx, N.Y. and my primary interests lie in mental health and neuroscience. Along these lines, I am a research volunteer at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, remotely sorting electrophysiological data. I’m also filming a documentary about mental health during the pandemic; if you are interested in sharing your experiences with mental health during the pandemic, or want to talk for any other reason, please contact me at mentalhealth-musings.org@mentalhealth-musings.org. Aside from this blog, I also write for Michelle Hammer at Schizophrenic.nyc, with her mission to change the way people perceive people with mental illness. Personally, I like listening to classical music and hanging out with my family and pets (2 cats and a dog).

This blog consists of me discussing mental health topics in recent news. My goal is to simply get people thinking about mental health. As the recent pandemic crisis has shown us, it is not a topic that we can glibly ignore. I try to be balanced, but nobody is perfect. As a result, my opinions may be saturated with privilege, hubris, and / or ignorance, so it is your obligation as readers to call me out for being biased or presumptuous. I appreciate and encourage feedback, but please try not to be toxic.

All images are taken from Google or the source of the blog post, and I cite all my sources within the body of the post.